Friday, January 30, 2009

M.I.S- Better Together

My M.I.S comes from page 3 of the article Better Together: Restoring the American Community. It reads: For most, though, this new style of library is more comfortable and useful than the old one, a place to be known and get to know others, a source of services as well as of books and information.

It is referring to the new type of library in Chicago that has more than just stacks of books and a quiet area to study or research. The kind of library that has study sessions, book clubs, instructional classes on how to build a resume, computer terminals for patrons to use etc. This new type of library is becoming more and more common. It is a place where people can go to enjoy themselves quietly or to meet other people and discuss similar interests.

I think that this transition from traditional to modern library is a good and necessary one. Most people now a days are moving at a very fast pace throughout their lives, and they need places where they can either settle down for awhile and relax or go and do the things that they need to do. These new libraries offer both of these very different services. Modern society has made places like these a necessity, and its not a bad thing. Older individuals may reminisce about the libraries of the good old days, where one could go to complete quiet and not be bothered by anybody. But the people of today's world, especially the younger generations, want a place where they can do many things in one place, because their busy lives and schedules necessitate this.

Our society has changed, it may be new and frightening to some people, but it is definitely not bad, just different.

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