Sunday, April 5, 2009

Exam 2

Week 8: Defining the digital divide

-Understand the difference between stratification and normalization as it relates to technological diffusion.

Stratification and normalization symbolize the two different ways technologies emerge in a society. They are used now to focus on internet access. Stratification says that the groups of people who are well networked or who are ahead in that technological field will stay ahead and always have an advantage in the digital economy; the first wave of people into a technology will continue advancing and the following waves will always be behind. On the other hand, normalization. Normalization acknowledges the fact that some people get the technology or access before others and they are the first wave, but it says that the waves of people that follow will eventually catch up to those who were ahead and everyone will be on the same technological level.

To sum it up...
Stratification- whoever is ahead will stay ahead
Normalization- everyone will end up in the same place

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