Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Exam review- Toward a new agenda

I picked out some important key terms from the last article, "Toward a New Agenda."

To summarize...

Lower order tasks- less sophisticated usage of the internet (instrumental and informational skills)

Higher order tasks- the use of information technology in more strategic ways

CTC: community organization that brings technology to underserved communities, deliver benefits of information age to those who may not have access otherwise

Social leveler- newer technology with the capacity and capability of eliminating inequalities (ex- CTC’s are important for eliminating inequalities but can’t do the job alone)

face-to-face activities: shown through CTC’s and how they bring people together… hands on and personal experience for users, using technology but still interacting with other people

spatial inequalities: geographical inequalities created by the inability to connect to the internet or utilize relevant technology

community-building organization: groups or places that bring people together, have strong ties to a respective community which makes them an important and effective supplement to CTCs

tech fix: the term that describes the myth that technology is primarily a problem solver (won’t operate as a social leveler on its own, need community involvement for it to make progress) 

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