Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Movie Response #4

As I reflect on the three schools from the documentary, many things stuck out. I believe their approaches to technology were good, in that their mentality reflected relevant issues that may pertain to students after graduation and in search of careers. Nowadays, technology is advancing rapidly and everyone from the work force (NASA) to people looking for leisure ( is becoming dependent on it. I think learning certain skills that relate to technology are vital for our future. These schools have a good intention but what they’re taking away from students may be a downside to their experiment. We go to school to gain better knowledge in order to further ourselves in life but knowledge does not only consist of books and homework – social skills are also very important.
I believe schools like Tech High may not necessarily fail but instead become something similar to private schools (only certain students desire to go there and those certain students will be the only ones going there) as compared to a public university. But some models were definitely successful, Cupertino for example. Their technology seemed to be of high quality and their students of a greater success rate. However, factors that may influence this deal with the community/environment the school is located in. I’ve learned from many classes how environment plays a big role in students’ desire to learn and expectations for themselves and also, what they’re allowed access to. Unfortunately that has to be the case, but if there were more Cupertino schools I believe these tech schools would be more successful.

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