Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Movie Response

I chose to answer question number 3. I searched monster.com for "tech" jobs. Some of the jobs listed were tax manager, math instructor, mechanical engineer, food technologist, US Navy career opportunities, and broadband technician. All of the jobs at least require a high school diploma, many require a bachelors degree, and the Navy jobs require enrollment in a university. Because of this, the only job Travis would be able to get is a broadband technician, which means all he would be doing was installing and fixing broadband services. Luisa is in the same position, except that if she were able to be accepted into a university, she could also try and get a tech job in the Navy. As for Cedra and Kep, they would be in the position to move on and eventually get the amount of education required to be able to apply for the rest of the jobs listed. Altogether, more than a high school degree is required for almost all tech jobs.

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