Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Response 4

The school is a critical factor in the development of a young mind. A quality environment can nurture a student and lead them to great things, while a poor education can thwart even the most promising child's dreams.
I thought that New Technologies mission was a good one, again and again we've seen the value of computer literacy throughout this course, and as more and more labor jobs are shipped abroad computer literacy is a valuable tool to fall back on. Honestly, as a college student I never use hand writing and I don't think a lot of time should be spent on it. Cupertino, which was centered in a wealthy community was able to allocate tons of money towards cutting edge technology, but still had a more traditional high school feel and it seemed that the technology wasn't able to compensate for the lack of other necessities. I don't Luisa's school can catch up until they make an investment towards the future and modernize their curriculum.

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