Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Movie Response

Prompt #4: The movie for me was summarized toward the end when a woman (I forget her profession) was interviewed saying that it is not right to have high schools solely for breeding adults to work in the technological workforce for huge companies. Although it provides a motivational force for some of the students and an outlet for gangs and unemployment in their towns, the lack of extra curricular activities and clubs could serve as a disadvantage to these students in their future. One of the schools did not have a football team, and one of the students said that they simply have to leave those things behind. To me, being involved and giving time to recreational sports and clubs keeps students preoccupied and focused on that activity, even if it meant just going to a game and watching it served to keep so many potentially troubled students off the street and getting involved in unhealthy or unsafe activities outside of school. One of the high schools only had computers for every single informational outlet, it didn't appear to have classrooms or library or anything other than computer-centered learning. As this may benefit some who do not have regular access to a computer in their future career, other high schools, especially now, have mandatory computer/technology classes that are sufficient for the basic knowledge needed to succeed later on. 
It is also uncertain the actual amount of jobs are available for graduates who only have an education with computer technology, and whether or not the skills they learned in high school will be out of date in a few years. Also, for many advanced technological companies, humans aren't even used at all and machines are programmed to do most of the work that people used to do. Because of this, I do not think that High Schools such as Tech High are beneficial in the long run for students. It also seems that big software companies have manipulated these students to make them believe that they will undoubtedly succeed in that environment; however, without extracurricular, broad ranged activities, it is likely that social skills needed to succeed in the business world are not being developed. 

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