Monday, February 2, 2009

Better Together

My MIS for this week is from the article Better Together in the first paragraph under the "Other Neighborhood Branches" section.  The sentence I picked reads as follows: "And because nearby Humboldt Park has lakes stocked with fish, the library keeps a rack of fishing rods near the circulation desk, lending them to anyone who has a library card, with or without books on how to fish."

This quote is a bit random, but I think that it epitomizes the argument that libraries are becoming more than just a place to grab a book, but a "third place" for citizens within the community.  By renting out fishing poles in the library because there is a lake close by draws in a whole new crowd of people, whose original intent to come to the library was just to get a fishing pole, now checked out a book as well, and vise versa.  It is a way to connect to the surrounding community and embrace popular activities in the area.  I live right on the shore of Lake Michigan, and our library was just built right on the shore as well.  I think an idea such as this would be an excellent way to tie our library in with our community.  When libraries offer such services as this, it not only changes people's view of their library, but their community as a whole.


  1. This is so true, its an excellent idea. What a great way for the library to connect with the community and show them they really care. Having the fishing poles is so inviting. To me, its saying hey, even if you don't want to read today, you can still come on in and say hello, grab a pole and head to the lake. Its just another way to allow people to feel more comfortable in the library environment and feel more welcome.

  2. I especially liked the tidbit about the fishing poles becuase it illustrated to me how involved some libraries are in the community. By offering many services, and not just books or computers, the library becomes an active part of the community and brings the community together by offering a third place where residents can go to participate in a variety of activities. It strengthenend the idea that libraries contain a variety of resources, from books to computers to seminars, and even to fishing poles.