Saturday, February 28, 2009

"crossing the Divide" response

The movie was very interesting to me because it showed the personal and emotional side of the digital divide, whereas the other articles we've read for class list statistics and numbers, but don't show the real-life struggles and consequences of the digital divide. It shocked me that Luisa had to work for three years to save up for a computer, while the other girl had four computers in her house alone. The idea that Luisa could not get hired and that the other girl went on to a prestigious college further shocked me and made me understand the problems of the digital divide and why it is so important to understand how the divide is created and how it might be possible to "cross the divide". I thought Kep's story was the most promising and hopeful of the video because it showed how someone who is usually left behind in the digital divide, a minority and a n immigrant, can overcome the divide by having access to technology. By having access to technology, Kep was able to receive a good college education, which he could afford due to scholarships. The theme that "technology is the gateway to the economy" stressed the importance of providing teenagers with access to technology and equipping them with the skills needed to survive in the new technology-savvy workplace. Some people in the film advocated schools like New Tech High, but I don't see this as a valid solution to the problem because it is very costly and leaves high schoolers with no room for extra-curriculars, and schools like New Tec don't even offer a library. I think schools like this don't allow kids to become well-rounded individuals, since the students can't develop their interests through extra-curriculars or learn about multiple subjects, they are only immersed in understanding technology. Although technology is important to the future, I don't think it should become the only thing for schools to focus on.


  1. I agree with your concern over the importance of "crossing the divide." It is unbelievable how privileged some people are in comparison to others. If Luisa had been given the chance to attend a specialized technology school like Cedra's or New Tech High, she most definitely would have obtained an education that would have provided her with the appropriate skills to get the Photoshop job at the technology firm. However, you do make a good point regarding the cons of schools like New Tech High. I think they certainly provide valuable skills for today's technological workforce, but they definitely do not allow students to explore other interests outside the field of technology.

  2. I completely agree with you Angie about your comment saying that the video showed the personal and emotional sides of the digital divide, unlike the articles that we have read thus far in the class. A lot of times it is hard for students like us to really understand the real effects of the digital divide by just looking and quantitative data. It was so interesting to me to see how excited Luisa was when she shared her story about finally being able to buy after a computer after saving up for years. It made me feel bad knowing that I have always had a computer in my house since I can remember and how I pretty much take my computer and technology skills for granted. Growing up with technology surrounding you, it is so much easier to be able to have the time and access to learn the skills needed for it. This video, especially with Luisa's story, showed me how lucky I am to have this access to technology in order to learn the necessary skills so that so many more opportunities are open to me in the future in the workforce.