Monday, February 2, 2009


My MIS comes from page 45 in "Better Together," "Clark says that the first public act of many newcomers in the city is to get a library card. It is the first official document that connects them to their new home, that makes them part of the place. They can get one even if they do not speak English, and they do not have to prove anything except that they live in Chicago. Mary Dempsey describes the library as 'the least threatening institution.'"

I believe that this is an important passage because it goes to show that the library is a place where everyone, no matter what their background is, can feel comfortable. Often libraries also offer programs for people in the community, something that new members in the society could participate in so they could become more familiar with the community. It is not also comforting for newcomers to have a place where they feel accepted, but it is also a bonus that that they able to be made available to resources to help them improve their English.

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