Tuesday, February 3, 2009

MIS Number One

My MIS comes from "Race & Place" on page 31 - the whole paragraph which starts off with "My grandfather had to be shown where to place his jagged signature on my school forms. My grandmother relied on her children and grandchildren to "read her bills." I didn't know anything about literacy rates or segregated schools back then. I just knew that my non-driving-grandmother..."

I chose this passage mainly because as I read it, there was a sense of nostalgia on my behalf. I could completely relate to the author and her childhoood admiration for the public library, or as she knew it to be the yellow palace. Furthermore, I assumed the lack of education her grandparents recieved were equivalent to my grandparents' level as well. Yet my grandmother, like Hall's, put forth effort and support in my need for higher education. She did not take me to play grounds, but the library was its parallel in which I could excite myself around books: learning and playing all at the same time. I, like Hall, grew up to work in a library as well. For two years throughout highschool I served as a 2nd floor reference pager. And when finishing the article, I believe the Rochester Public Library I worked at was a white cathedral for my fellow co-workers and I created the environment that way. Did we run anyone over in the process of closing our eyes and steering? No although I wasn't 100% certain on my answer.

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