Thursday, February 26, 2009

Crossing The Divide Response

Luisa certainly had a few things that held her back such as her financial situation and her full time job. Technology helped her in that it prevented her from being in gangs at her school and provided her with a way to help her family, but I was surprised to find out she failed the photoshop exam. It was not surprising to find out that Cedra ended up becoming successful because she entered the scene already financially well off and technologically competent and didn't have the struggles that Luisa had to deal with.
Travis had a lot going on in his life just as Luisa did. He had to be the "man of the house" and was living with a family that had to support 8 people. Technology helped him a great deal because he was able to ignore the stereotypes and become a computer savvy student and, surprisingly, graduates after a senior project meltdown.
Kep had the most interesting story because he was an immigrant who had to learn many languages to help get by and support his family. Technology helped him as well because he was able to interact with people who shared the same passion for technology as he had and was able to integrate himself better into society.

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  1. I think in summarizing the points like you did, an interesting comparison is brought up. At first I thought that Luisa may have failed due to her financial situation and the fact that she had to work harder than say Cedra who didn't have to worry about part time jobs. However, Kep, who probably could have been labeled as the most successful, had a life just as difficult as Luisa. Fiscal status is obviously a factor effecting the digital divide but based on Kep and Luisa's stories there may be something more. Both students seemed to be equally determined and working towards the same goal. it woudl be interesting to see why Kep succeeded and Luisa had a more difficult time.