Monday, February 23, 2009


Give an example of both bridging and bonding social capital.  Which one is inclusive and external, and which, exclusive and internal?  Which one is "glue" and which one is "WD-40?"

Bridging social capital is inclusive and external, while bonding social capital is exclusive and internal.  "Examples of bonding social capital include ethnic fraternal organizations, church-based women's reading groups, and fashionable country clubs.  Other networks are outward looking and encompass people across diverse social cleavages.  Examples of bridging social capital include the civil rights movement, many youth service groups, and ecumenical religious organizations.  (Putnam 22).  I would say that bridging social capital is glue because it tries to bring all different types of people together; on the other hand, bonding social capital is WD-40 because because it "repels" people that aren't similar to the people in the group.

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  1. Bonding social capital is glue and and bridging social capital is WD-40