Wednesday, February 11, 2009

MIS for this week since I missed last week...

I missed discussion last week because something came up, but Sarah suggested that I posted an MIS for this week to make up for it -
My MIS comes from the "Community Analysis" article on page 21: "Since there are many other facilities in the community with meeting rooms, this traditional component of a branch could be eliminated in favor of an area where families could come together."

I found this, along with all the other suggestions made by the group, to be very interesting.  When thinking of libraries, I feel that community rooms are always a big part; however, I think in this particular community, a room for families to gather is much more important since they have community meeting rooms elsewhere.  It is a new concept, at least for me to think of when it comes to libraries, but I think it really brings up the valid and important idea that family meeting rooms are extremely important in communities with large families, but smaller homes.  This is a new dimension of a library that I think could be used across the country to help bring not just the adults in families together, but everyone in the families together.

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