Tuesday, February 3, 2009

MIS #1

I chose a quote from the article "Better Together," on pg 41: "In the six years since the Near North Branch opened, the area around it has changed...Condominiums are going up on what had been empty lots, and a new Dominick's supermarket across the street from the library draws customers from both neighborhoods."

I chose this quote because my sister lives about 2 minutes away from the Near North Branch and actually shops at the Dominick's mentioned.  She lives right off of Division St, in what I guess is considered the Cabrini Green area.  She and her husband moved there about 5 years ago, and it has been truly amazing to see the changes that have gone on around their townhouse.  There used to be empty warehouses and abandoned buildings across the street from their "neighborhood," but in 5 years, the old buildings have been torn down and new ones have been constructed and made the area much more attractive.  It was interesting reading in the article about how it has been mentioned how the Gold Coast is starting to creep into the edges of the Cabrini Green area.  I can definitely see this occurring every time I visit them as the area around her house is increasingly updated. 

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  1. I like that you chose this as your MIS because you have first hand experience in the area. It would be very interesting to see a community develop the way you and your sister have. It is amazing how one building can prompt an entire community to slowly change and develop for the better.