Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Putnam - Social Interactions

To what does Putnam attribute the change in the social interactions of groups since the mid-20th century to now? Provide a few examples, both before and after.

The arrival of individualism and evolving technologies are what sparked the degradation of social capitol. Before this, individuals were faced with leisure and took up community activities in order to combat this; however, as technologies (that could be enjoyed alone) emerged, schedules started filling up, and people no longer felt compelled to better their community, the average American decided to turn inward. Society now worried more about themselves than what they could do for or how they could interact with those around them. Social capitol blossomed in the 1960's due to the increases in group activities and participation (like bridge clubs, bowling leagues, and community outreach programs) but waned as the decades went on because people were discovering new ways to enjoy themselves on their own. (Pg 25, Bowling Alone)

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