Wednesday, February 11, 2009

MIS: North Central Denver Community

"Because the Census Bureau considers Hispanic to be an ethnic origin rather 

than a racial category (at least in 1990), it is necessary to consider both race and 

ethnicity to see the full picture of diversity in the community. In the 1990 Census, 

70.3% of the population reported that they are of Hispanic origin. Comparing this 

to the racial data, it appears that many persons of Hispanic origin chose either 

“Other” or “White” as their race, as these categories account for most of the popu- 


-I found this quote to be interesting because it seems that the census bureau's categorizing of race is outdated. In considering that census bureau data about race in a community is used to understand the real diversity of the community, it seems that the incorporation of an Hispanic category would be extremely important, especially since such a large percentage of the population is hispanic. Also, although I'm sure that hispanic is technically and ethnic origin rather then a race as the Census Bureau describes, if this is the case it is important to collect data on the ethnic origin of citizens in a community to obtain a truly accurate representation of the diversity or lack there of.

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